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John Gabbert
Chief Executive Officer
Since PitchBook was founded in 2007, we have built the PitchBook Platform following a simple rule: combine the best data with cutting edge technology to create a winning product. The formula, which has been our secret sauce, has proven effective and helped us garner three CodiE Awards in the last two years.

PitchBook is focused on providing the private equity and venture capital communities with high-quality, in-depth data through a simple, intuitive platform providing clients with all the tools they need to make better investing decisions. We strive not only to procure the most comprehensive private equity and venture capital data, but also to present that information in a way that facilitates the translation of data points into actionable information. The PitchBook Platform looks at every stage of a transaction and incorporates tools to meet the diverse needs of general partners, limited partners, lenders, advisors, and other deal participants.

The PitchBook concept was developed over several years and is constantly evolving as we continuously strive to improve our Platform and better serve our clients. To ensure the most reliable and comprehensive data is gathered, PitchBook has instituted a Six Sigma-based proprietary research process that includes a rigorous and meticulous review of publicly available sources, direct primary research with all of the parties involved in deal flow, online surveys, and ongoing quality assurance. In addition to our best quality private equity and venture capital database, PitchBook produces a daily newsletter and multiple report series to keep industry professionals abreast of the latest trends and happenings.

PitchBook maintains a steadfast commitment to advocating for private equity and venture capital by highlighting the integral role that the industries play in the economy. To that end, PitchBook has forged strategic partnerships with the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA). Most recently, PitchBook and ACG have teamed to create, a web-based project designed to allow users to conduct original research and draw their own conclusions about the impact of private equity investment on the American economy.

We at PitchBook will continue to expand our products and services as the private equity and venture capital industries play an increasingly important role in economies both domestically and abroad. We are confident that our data, tools, and analyses will provide a competitive advantage and result in better, more informed decision making. But don't just take my word for it — look for yourself by clicking here.

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John Gabbert, CEO & Founder | PitchBook Data, Inc. | tel. +1 (206) 257-7844 | e-mail