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The Private Equity 2012 ESG Survey Report
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PitchBook 2012 Private Equity ESG Survey Report

PitchBook has released its 2012 Private Equity ESG Survey Report. Drawing on information from more than 50 GP and LP respondents, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) survey serves as a lens into how a broad spectrum of PE professionals are addressing various ESG issues at both the firm and portfolio company levels. The report reveals what is driving the push towards ESG initiatives, identifies a set of best practices, and offers a host of resources for investors looking to bolster their ESG program.

Some of the key questions explored in the report include:

From the GP Perspective
  • What percentage of PE firms have ESG programs today?
  • Do firms plan to increase their attention to ESG issues in the future?
  • What factors are driving ESG efforts?
  • What are the biggest challenges for ESG programs and initiatives?
  • How important are ESG issues when drafting limited partnership agreements?

From the LP Perspective
  • Why do ESG issues matter?
  • What areas are LPs most concerned about when it comes to ESG?
  • Does a GP with no ESG program but top quartile performance or a GP with a strong ESG program and slightly lower performance get the LP commitment?
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