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Venture Capital Database

With over 100,000 VC deals, PitchBook's Venture Capital Database provides investors, service providers and lenders with robust data on all facets of the venture capital industry, including angel, seed and late-stage financings.

  • Companies & Deals

    PitchBook's Venture Capital Database allows users to search thousands of VC deals, filtering results by transaction details, industry, geography and a host of other variables. Each VC-backed company has a detailed profile with proprietary information on their transaction details, as well as links to full profiles of the main venture capital investors, service providers and industry professionals associated with the entity.
  • Venture Capital Firms

    Thousands of VC firms are tracked in the Venture Capital Database, with each profile including detailed information on specific VC funds, service providers, investment preferences and more. As with all of the venture capital data compiled by PitchBook, every aspect of the profile is dynamically linked to provide an all-inclusive picture of the VC firm and its deals while allowing for seamless navigation.
  • Venture Capital Funds Data

    Delve deep into the specific venture capital funds to analyze individual investments, service providers and much more. Venture capital fund performance is tracked using several metrics, including distributions, contributions, commitments and IRR.
  • Service Providers & Lenders

    Find out which service providers and lenders are most active in the venture capital marketplace and if the services they provide are more general or deal- and fund-specific. Compare VC lenders and service providers by market share and client listings, as well as PitchBook's league tables.
  • Limited Partners

    Learn about the investment preferences of limited partners and examine their past commitments to venture capital funds and stated investment preferences.