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Practice Development

Find deals before they happen

Know all the active players in your industry and territory who will need representation in the near future, including:

  • Fast-growing, startup companies
  • Companies approaching merger, acquisition or IPO
  • Companies looking to raise capital
  • Investors due to open a new fund

Grow your network

Identify and connect with the most active investors and advisors in your space.

Use PitchBook data to create better marketing content

Leverage content marketing to establish your firm as a thought leader. Use custom charts and analysis tools in the PitchBook Platform to create data-driven white papers, reports and presentations on relevant trends.

Better deal execution

Be the first to know

Stay on top of deals in your territory with the ability to save searches and lists, and receive alerts when anything changes.

Use market insight to better advise your clients

Provide your clients with insights into which investors are raising capital, current valuation levels and information on the most active investors and acquirers in their space.

Conduct better research and due diligence

Get all the data you need across the entire M&A, PE and VC landscape, including:

  • Industry trends
  • Deal history
  • Private & public comps
  • Valuation multiples
  • Investors & potential acquirers
  • Fund performance & returns

Competitive intelligence

See how your firm stacks up in industry league tables

Create custom league tables by deal type, industry, geography and more to understand where your firm ranks among others in your space.

Keep tabs on your competition

Track your competitors, their league table ranking, who they're representing and the deals they're involved in.

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Tackle your workflow & analytical challenges

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Our data, your clients

Limited Partners

  • Mandates
  • Allocations
  • Commitments
  • Returns
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  • IRRs
  • PME
  • Custom benchmarks
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  • Portfolio
  • Lead partners
  • Deal details
  • Funds
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  • Valuations & multiples
  • Cap tables
  • Participants
  • Deal history
  • Exits & IPOs
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  • PE & VC-backed
  • Startup and angel-backed
  • Mature private companies
  • Public companies
  • Strategic acquirers
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  • Key private company financials
  • Full public company fundamentals
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  • Strategic M&A
  • Sponsored M&A
  • Public and private M&A
  • Secondary transactions
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  • Industry expertise
  • Regional focus
  • Lead partners & teams
  • Clients & network
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  • Contact information
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Board seats
  • Deal experience
  • Bio & education
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News & Analysis

  • News
  • Quarterly reports
  • Data visualization
  • Custom analytics
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