PitchBook research

Meaningful data from the intersection of smart people and technology

The PitchBook Research process

Over 220,000 web crawlers

capture relevant information from every source imaginable—including filings, press releases, websites and more.

Natural language processing

Our analysts use a combination of natural language processing and machine-learning

to filter through this unstructured data and uncover the most meaningful information.

Specialized data teams

Specialized data teams

collect, verify and integrate additional information, including: public data, equity pricing, revenue, company valuations and terms, IRRs and more.

Primary research team directly confirms details with contacts

Since 2007, our research team has spent

over 2.3 million hours

gathering this information, so you don't have to.


Our primary research team surveys

companies, advisors, investors, lawyers, accountants, lenders and anyone else involved to cross-validate the data we've collected and gather additional information.

Relentless management

It sounds cliché, but we manage the hell out of this process

to ensure our data is timely, accurate and useful. We put the same rigor into data collection and quality assurance, that you put into your due diligence and prospecting.

Our data is something we're incredibly proud of. We'd love the opportunity to show it to you.