The power of advanced search, now on PitchBook Mobile

September 10, 2018
With PitchBook's powerful advanced search, you can use thousands of unique filters to query our database and find the exact set of companies you're looking for. With our latest mobile update, we've brought the most popular filters to our app, so you can easily search for companies by location, funding, industry (and more)—even while you're on the go.

Here's how our latest mobile upgrade can help you find the companies you're looking for:
PitchBook Mobile
Find nearby companies
In a new city for a conference or meeting? Quickly see what headquarters or offices are nearby to find companies you're interested in connecting with, and easily reach out using contact information and location data from our mobile app.

Explore any industry on the go

Explore any industry, from established markets to emerging spaces, with the ability to search by industries, verticals, and keywords. Catch up on email or the news; then, easily look up companies in the industry you were just reading about—all before you arrive at work.

Easily gather the data you need

Need to do last-minute prep for an upcoming meeting? Quickly search for relevant companies with PitchBook's unique search criteria and walk in informed and prepared with key data points.

Advanced search for companies on PitchBook Mobile allows you to quickly track down useful information wherever you are—whether you're looking for new clients, discovering companies to invest in or gaining an understanding of the landscape. Just log in or download our mobile app to view the changes for yourself. 

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