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The definitive guide to the high-yield bond market

A high-yield bond is a debt security issued by a corporation with a lower-than-investment grade rating. Get answers to questions about high-yield bonds from our primer below.

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News from the leveraged loan markets—as well as the high-yield bond, direct lending, distressed debt, and bankruptcy sectors—produced by our team of experienced journalists and analysts.

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High-yield bond trends

      High-yield bond market at a glance

      Month-to-Date Change from Last Month Year-To-Date Change from 2022
      Avg. Clearing Yield (all data as of 7/19) 8.94 0.27 8.02% 1.31%
      Avg. Bid Morningstar US High-Yield Bond Index 89.25 1.08 89.25 0.6
      Returns Morningstar US High-Yield Bond Index 0.14 -0.11 6.59% 17.32%
      HY Bond Volume (bils) 3.34 -9.48 96.96 27.87
      Institutional Loan Volume 12 -2.75 114.14 -58.83
      Leveraged Finance Volume (including pro rata) 17.8 -17.07 262.5 -126.49

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      Our High-Yield Bond Primer details the high-yield bond market

      What is a high-yield bond? Our free online primer is the definitive guide to the asset class. It covers high yield use of proceeds, issuer types, the investor universe, bond structures, covenants, bond math, registration, and everything in between.

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