The 10 most active corporate venture capital firms

April 15, 2016

Recent news of Intel Capital possibly looking to sell off up to $1 billion in venture assets has sent ripples through the venture capital community. Could it signal that corporations may be looking to move resources away from their venture arms into other areas of the company? The last time Intel did something similar was soon after the dot-com crash.

A decrease in CVC activity could be quite a shock to the startup community, as these firms have been contributing a sizeable amount of investment dollars each year. Since the beginning of 2010, $125.57 billion has been invested in rounds involving CVCs, according to the PitchBook Platform. And while that number is impressive by itself, it’s also interesting to note that capital invested in these deals has increased each year since 2012, peaking in 2015 at $36.7 billion. Which sectors would feel a pullback the most? IT startups have seen the largest portion of the capital invested with 42%, followed by B2C (21.2%) and healthcare (20.2%).

Here are the 10 most active corporate venture capital investors since 2010, along with their investment counts:

1. Intel Capital (395)

2. GV (314)

3. Qualcomm Ventures (189)

4. Salesforce Ventures (141)

5. SoftBank Capital (115)

6. Caixa Capital Risc (109)

T-7. GE Ventures (95)

T-7. Comcast Ventures (95)

9. Cisco Investments (94)

10. Samsung Venture Investment (93)


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