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VC Valuations Report

1H 2016

VC Valuations Report

September 12, 2016

VC Valuations Report
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As the reset in venture capital continues to unfurl, PitchBook's 1H 2016 VC Valuations Report breaks down dozens of different US valuations datasets in order to more accurately piece together what's actually going on. Employing a variety of metrics such as step-up multiples and time between rounds, the report delves into changes in valuations across a multiplicity of sectors, including commercial services, healthcare, etc. In addition, this installment of the VC Valuations report series contains a brand-new section analyzing trends in liquidation participation by series. 

Report Highlights Include: 

  • Trends in liquidation participation by series over the past few years
  • Datasets on shifts between rounds, by size and time and accompanying analysis
  • Valuations by seed, Series A, B, C and D+ stages
  • Metrics on financing rounds with corporate venture capital, hedge and mutual funds