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Venture Capital Healthcare Report?uq=iauh9QUh


Venture Capital Healthcare Report

June 26, 2013

Venture Capital Healthcare Report?uq=iauh9QUh
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PitchBook is happy to release its 2013 VC Healthcare Report. Driven by data from the PitchBook Platform, this report analyzes venture investment trends in the healthcare space, dating as far back as 2004 and as recently as May 2013. Featuring Q&A interviews with industry professionals, as well as unique visual presentations of the data analysis, this report offers a quick and easy way to explore recent and historical healthcare-related VC investments.

Highlights include:

• Financing details by stage, year and industry sector
• Median pre-money valuations by stage and sector
• Analysis of the PPACA's impact on the healthcare industry
• A look at the "quantified self" movement
• Exits by industry sector