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Canada PE & VC Breakdown: II


Canada PE & VC Breakdown: II

November 28, 2016

Canada PE & VC Breakdown: II
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The 2016 Canada PE & VC Breakdown: II report, our second Canadian publication this year, analyzes trends across private equity and venture capital investment in Canada, assessing how activity has shifted over recent years in terms of sector, size and more. While some datasets of Canadian activity reflect trends similar to what we are observing in other markets, there are some distinct departures that set it apart, such as the boom in VC invested throughout 2016. Accordingly, the report breaks down such outliers by providing contextual yearly and quarterly activity to better amplify your knowledge of the PE and VC landscape in Canada. In addition, the report delves into PE and VC-backed exits and more.

Report Highlights Include:

  • PE & VC investment by deal size and sector
  • Analysis of investment activity by investor headquarter location
  • Exit activity for both PE & VC
  • 3Q 2016 League Tables