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European Venture Report

3Q 2017

European Venture Report

October 17, 2017

European Venture Report
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Late-stage capital has long been more difficult for maturing European startups to raise, yet 39 VC financings of €25 million+ were closed during 3Q across Europe and Israel, the highest quarterly total in the past decade.

Our 3Q 2017 European Venture Report showcases key trends in depth, this time with a major change—the addition of Israeli venture activity to underlying datasets, as well as a spotlight on its latest trends.

Key highlights:

  • Overall VC invested in 2017 is set to surpass last year to be second highest in a decade
  • Companies are staying private longer, with hold periods extending by 43% since 2008
  • On pace to surpass €8 billion in capital committed, European fundraising is robust