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Global Real Estate Report

H2 2020

Global Real Estate Report

March 24, 2021

Global Real Estate Report
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Real estate market at a crossroads after mixed 2020 results

After displaying remarkable resilience early in 2020, global real estate fundraising fell sharply as the year went on. Investors closed fewer funds than at any point in the global financial crisis, and the amount of capital raised was the lowest since 2013.

As the world transitions out of the pandemic, the global real estate market must recover from short-term disruptions and adjust to long-term structural changes. Our inaugural Global Real Estate Report breaks down major trends by substrategy for an overview of macro real estate trends worldwide. Key takeaways include:
  • Real estate technology has grown rapidly over the past decade, with flexible office space and warehouse utilization among the sectors to watch in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Industrial property was one of only two property types to record positive returns in 2020, capping a five-year run in which it far outperformed all other categories.
  • Dry powder levels remained relatively flat, sitting at about $362 billion, with approximately half that amount in distressed or opportunistic funds.

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