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Agtech Report

Q1 2022

Agtech Report

June 17, 2022

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Agtech blooms with near record funding in Q1

Macroeconomic events such as the war in Ukraine are exacerbating long-term challenges around food security, including a surge in fertilizer and commodity crop prices. 

As agtech innovation becomes critical to boosting crop yields, PitchBook analysts list three factors that are driving robust venture capital momentum into agtech startups in 2022–increased concern for food security, data-driven productivity gains and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques such as carbon monitoring tools and biochemicals. 

Global agtech companies collected $3.3 billion across 222 deals, marking a 15.5% quarter-over-quarter increase in deal value.

Our Q1 Emerging Tech Research report on agtech breaks down a strong quarter for the sector and highlights emerging opportunities in regenerative agriculture technologies and the growing impact of female-founded agtech startups.


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Regenerative agriculture 22
Female founders in agtech 24
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