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Enterprise Fintech Report

Q1 2023

Enterprise Fintech Report

April 27, 2023

Enterprise fintech hits its Stripe
Investors are betting on enterprise fintech. According to our Q1 2023 Enterprise Fintech Report, it captured the bulk of fintech funding and appeared to rebound in deal value and activity, due in large part to Stripe raising $6.5 billion. Across 336 deals, the enterprise fintech space attracted $11.8 billion in investments. Excluding Stripe’s deal, Q1 still saw a 7.6% increase in deal value from last quarter.

Key takeaways

  • Investors are looking to B2B investment opportunities within the enterprise fintech space, capturing 79.7% of total fintech VC deal value in Q1. Besides Stripe, some big deals included PhonePe’s $642.5 million raise and Generate’s $880.6 million deal.
  • Median deal size in Q1 2023 was $4.6 million, down 9.0% from the 2022 median. Medians for all deal stages were down except angel and seed companies, which saw a 26.3% increase in their median size to $3.1 million. 
  • Investors looking for new opportunities within enterprise fintech: Pay attention to insured sweep networks and KYC orchestration platforms.  

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