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Growth Capital creates wins for startups and the Italian VC ecosystem

Growth Capital, a leading investment bank in Italy, is leveraging PitchBook data to improve performance and collaborating with PitchBook analysts to create big wins.

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Growth Capital is a leading tech investment bank in the venture capital industry with offices in Milan, Madrid, and London. It supports promising tech startups, connecting them with visionary investors to help them scale the business. It also helps corporates implement innovative investment strategies and assists VCs, family offices, investment holding companies, and other tech investors in shaping their investment strategies.

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Fabio Mondini de Focatiis headshot

Fabio Mondini de Focatiis
Founding Partner

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Giacomo Bider

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Marco Parente
Senior Analyst

Improving research capabilities

As an investment bank, valuations are a critical component of Growth Capital’s work. The more robust and accurate reference data is, the more precise the valuation will be. Having the right data can mean the difference between closing or losing a deal. Before PitchBook, Growth Capital used a lower-cost, open-source tool to support research, but found the information it provided to be lacking depth and often inaccurate.

Many members of the team were familiar with PitchBook from past work. So, when the time came to switch tools and upgrade services, PitchBook was the obvious solution.

“We chose PitchBook primarily because the data is very reliable. It’s also presented in a structured, easy-to-read way. Company information, including size, valuation, and multiples, can be seen from different angles, including sector, geography, types of deals. It’s been incredibly impactful.”

Fabio Mondini de Focatiis, Founding Partner, Growth Capital

Elevating valuations and expanding horizons

With access to rich, accurate data, Growth Capital immediately began realizing tremendous time savings and was able to generate more accurate, well-informed valuations. Growth Capital also relies on PitchBook for due diligence to inform merger and acquisition decisions, and to analyze the market in anticipation of fundraising.

The specific tools, features, and perks of PitchBook that have been most helpful to the team include:

This advanced search capability helps Growth Capital advisors find and connect with new investors in a particular vertical or market. Complete contact information has made it easy to call or email and grow their network.

All of the many reports PitchBook analysts produce are available on demand in the PitchBook Research Center. Reports help the Growth Capital team stay ahead of movements in the market by sector and geography.

Market Maps
PitchBook helps the team get an exhaustive view of targeted verticals with deep insights on where capital is flowing and from which sources.

Analysts are able to quickly create lists of comparable private and public companies based on industry, location, capital raised, revenue, and more.

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Get help navigating the markets with analyst access

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Have informal conversations with PitchBook analysts on demand.
By phone, email, online or in person:

  • Custom analysis
    Understand industry trends, events, players, and issues across private markets.
  • Candid conversations
    Discuss industry dynamics and developments not found in published research.
  • Subject matter expertise
    Our team includes experts in a variety of verticals who can explain industry drivers, evaluate prospective and live transactions, and identify opportunities.

Accessing PitchBook analysts

Very happy with its newfound wealth of data, the Growth Capital team next began taking advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with PitchBook analysts.

In an effort to support growth throughout the Italian VC ecosystem, Growth Capital, in partnership with Italian Tech Alliance, uses data from PitchBook to produce a quarterly report on the Italian VC ecosystem. To elevate the quality of their report, Growth Capital collaborated with PitchBook analyst Nalin Patel to share their research, better understand PitchBook reporting methodologies, and get feedback on how best to present the Quarterly Italian VC Report.

“Nalin really helped us improve the quality of our report and establish Growth Capital as a market leader. We were able to go from commentary about what happened in the market to accurately forecasting what could happen, which isn’t an easy thing to do.”

Giacomo Bider, Associate

Learn more about PitchBook’s Analyst Access in the video below—and see how we address clients’ unique needs at any breadth or depth of coverage.


Valuing a private company requires insight into the flow of capital across the entire VC, PE, and M&A landscape, as well as public markets. It is a tricky and time-consuming task. Growth Capital credits its ability to successfully scale companies to the accuracy of its valuations, based on reliable data found on the PitchBook Platform.

The quality of Growth Capital’s Quarterly Italian VC Report, and the inclusion of some forward-looking statements, has helped position the firm as a leader and central to growth in the Italian venture capital ecosystem. Having access to PitchBook analysts was critical to elevating the value of the data to readers.

“The data that we have at our disposal is top-quality. It has helped us establish the gold standard in the Italian VC ecosystem for tracking investment volumes and trends. It’s one of our greatest achievements, thanks to PitchBook.”

Fabio Mondini de Focatiis, Founding Partner


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