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Researching the capital markets is hard—PitchBook makes it easy

Our team of associates and rigorous information infrastructure combine to produce detailed, hard-to-find data and insights on opaque global capital markets.

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How do we get our data?

Making sense of an endless stream of information on a global scale is a constant challenge. Even publicly available information takes serious effort and complex processing to consolidate, standardize and derive insights from.

At PitchBook, our specialized data operations associates paired with fine-tuned processes and algorithms deliver timely intelligence across a broad offering of datasets every day.

Highly specialized professionals

Our over 1,500-person data operations team provides a unique human touch to our information before putting it in front of the world. With an average tenure of 3+ years of experience, our team is highly specialized and uniquely equipped to make decisions and clarify details regarding data hundreds of times each day. Our data operations team has logged over 3.5 million person hours of research, with over 800,000 person hours added each year.

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Watch our brief video to learn more about how we collect and validate information.

A complex information infrastructure

Fragmented, complex and hard-to-manage information from around the world is turned into actionable insights after being sourced, organized and integrated through the application of over 100 proprietary processes.

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Our expertly shaped processes include:

  • Assets under management
  • Commitment preferences
  • Mandate information
  • Asset allocation types
  • Investment focus
  • Location
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What sets us apart from the rest

Beyond our experienced data operations team and global information infrastructure, PitchBook stands apart from the competition.

Featuring versatile financial analysis toolsets, unrivaled support from our customer success team and insights from our Institutional Research Group, PitchBook has everything you need to stay ahead.

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Our team of specialized data operations associates and global information infrastructure power the PitchBook Platform

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