Art 14 GDPR Notice

PitchBook Data, Inc., including its parent company, Morningstar, Inc., (collectively, "PitchBook") is providing you notice that your information is contained in the PitchBook platform. PitchBook Data Inc is the controller of the personal data described in this Notice.

PitchBook collects and distributes company information empowering companies to make better strategic decisions such as when they are looking to invest capital, raise capital, and identify business partners. We believe that when companies have access to the best information, they can make better strategic decisions, and in turn, when companies make better strategic decisions, companies provide employees with better employment opportunities, consumers have better products, and our communities are enriched.

With respect to individuals such as yourself, we seek to share your professional role, professional and academic experience, and your contact information on our platform to provide our services and products to our subscribers and users, empowering companies to make better decisions. We anticipate that people viewing our platform may view your information to make qualitative judgments about your company or to reach out to seek partnerships or offer alternative employment opportunities.

Our subscribers, employees, visitors to our website, and users of our web and mobile applications may have access to your information on our platform.

PitchBook’s legal basis for collecting and sharing your personal information to its clients is PitchBook’s legitimate interests in providing a platform to more than 45,000 investors, strategic advisers, and services providers who use the PitchBook platform to make better strategic decisions, network more effectively, and source investment and business opportunities.

PitchBook primarily obtains its data from publicly available sources, though we may have obtained your information via a contractual relationship with another company.

PitchBook has clients across the globe, and therefore, it is reasonable to expect that PitchBook may transfer your personal data to a recipient in a country other than where you or PitchBook are located. PitchBook utilizes EU Model Contract Clauses and other safeguards to protect your data, as detailed in PitchBook’s privacy policy, which can be found at

Your information will be stored until (A) you send PitchBook a written objection using a contact method prescribed in the above-linked privacy policy, or (B) PitchBook determines that such information is no longer valuable to PitchBook’s subscribers. For example, PitchBook will determine that such information is not valuable if it is no longer accurate or if it is not of interest to PitchBook’s clients.

PitchBook Data, Inc. is a Delaware corporation headquartered at 901 Fifth Avenue, #1200, Seattle WA 98164.

PitchBook’s Data Protection Officer is Morningstar UK Limited: