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  • PE & VC Backed
  • Startup and angel-backed
  • Mature Private Companies
  • Public Companies
  • Strategic Acquirers
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  • Portfolio
  • Lead Partners
  • Deal Details
  • Partners
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  • Valuations, terms & multiples
  • Cap Tables
  • Participants
  • Deal history
  • Exits & IPOs
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  • Strategic M&A
  • Sponsored M&A
  • Public and private M&A
  • Secondary transactions
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Limited Partners

  • Mandates
  • Allocations
  • Commitments
  • Returns
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  • IRRs
  • PME
  • Custom Benchmarks
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  • Key private company financials
  • Full public company fundamentals
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  • Industry expertise
  • Regional Focus
  • Lead Partners & Teams
  • Clients & Network
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  • Contact information
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Board seats
  • Deal experience
  • Bio & Education
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News & Analysis

  • News
  • Quarterly reports
  • Data visualization
  • Custom analytics
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The PitchBook Platform

The PitchBook Platform

Our original VC, PE and M&A workstation, home to our data, research and analysis tools, along with our Mobile App and Excel Plugin.

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API and Datafeed

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Data is the heart of our company. Our rigorous research process ensures our data is always valuable, accurate and up-to-date.

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We've engineered solutions that make it easy for our clients to access our data and quickly turn it into actionable insight.

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The PitchBook Platform powers the decisions of some of the biggest names in VC, PE and M&A

Microsoft logo Microsoft logo
Aya Zook

“PitchBook is a powerful tool for analyzing activity in rapidly evolving industries like home automation and IoT. The quality of work they can turn around on a compressed timeline is nothing short of amazing. We truly value the collaboration with their team!”

—Aya Zook, Former Principal, Microsoft

Wells Fargo logo Wells Fargo logo

“PitchBook data shows who the investors, founders, and other key players are of start-ups and venture capital firms. As simple as this may seem, it's not information that's widely available—especially not all in one place!”

—Eric C. Houser, Technology Banking Group Executive Vice President & Division Manager, Wells Fargo

Venrock logo Venrock logo
Richard Kerby

“PitchBook is a tremendous tool for tracking dealflow. Their data is clean, granular, and full of hard-to-find information.”

—Richard Kerby, vice president, Venrock

AvidBank logo AvidBank logo
Larry LaCroix

“With PitchBook, we're able to perform deep research on investors, their portfolio companies and even their portfolio companies' individual financing. We now get all the information we need without having to dig around in multiple sources.”

—Larry LaCroix, executive vice president, corporate finance, Avidbank

Compass Partners logo Compass Partners logo
compass partners man

“To get a full understanding of a fund's landscape, we have to get granular—looking at a particular fund, drilling into its underlying investments and knowing which service providers and general partners are connected to the fund. With the PitchBook Platform, we get that 360-degree view and can focus on only the information that's most relevant to our needs.”

—Anthony Marraccino, CFO & Partner, Compass Partners

Canaan Partners logo Canaan Partners logo
Michael Gilroy

“I cannot successfully do my job without PitchBook, I have the tab open in my browser all day long. I've used every single competitive platform from CapIQ to FactSet, and there isn't a more reliable or complete dataset than what is offered in the PitchBook Platform.”

—Michael Gilroy, Associate, Canaan Partners

Korn Ferry logo Korn Ferry logo
Francois Auzerais

“PitchBook is our foundational research tool for our practice groups serving the private capital and real estate markets. The PitchBook Platform is our starting point for any search we run on general partners, portfolio companies, limited partners and service providers. Their easy-to-navigate interface enables us to effectively screen transactions, track capital raising and perform sector analysis.”

—Francois Auzerais, Private Capital Practice, Korn Ferry

Orrick logo Orrick logo
J.R. Yanchak

“PitchBook has swiftly become my primary resource for information on venture-backed companies. The database’s financial information on investors, companies and funds is unmatched. I use their data virtually every day to provide detailed background on clients, target potential investors and make sense of the startup industry trends.”

—J.R. Yanchak, Business Research Manager, Orrick

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