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Valuing a private company requires insight into the flow of capital across the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape—not to mention the public markets. The process can take up a lot of valuable analyst time, especially if your firm uses legacy valuation tools and data that live on different systems.

By combining best-in-class private transaction data—including the world’s largest source of deal multiples and valuations—with public fundamentals and consensus estimates, PitchBook enables you to build more accurate comps with greater transparency and speed.

Why choosing the right private company valuation database matters

Whether you’re comparing companies or similar transactions, having the right data can mean the difference between closing a deal at the right price or missing out altogether.

Take the early-stage venture space, for example: While it’s no surprise that valuations are on the rise, the difference between the median and bottom 25th percentile has become increasingly narrow.

The margin for error when analyzing business comps gets even smaller when it comes to private equity pricing. Even though GPs have plenty of dry powder, the cost of financing has ticked up. Pair that with competition from corporate acquirers and the result continues to be lofty EV/EBITDA multiples.

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How PitchBook’s valuations tools work

Along with accuracy, speed is essential when building financial models. A thoroughly vetted transaction or company comparable analysis won’t do you much good if your target signs with someone else while you’re doing it.

PitchBook lets you build financial models in a matter of minutes. By allowing you to quickly identify different types of funding rounds, companies and financings, PitchBook enables you to seamlessly navigate between datasets to find relevant transactions fast.

You can also easily run a screen based on thousands of criteria—like industry, vertical, keyword, deal size, deal type and more—to get to exactly what you need in minutes and delete anything irrelevant with a single click. You can quickly analyze your comps using powerful pivot tables too; or pull them into Excel just as fast.

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Chris Cavanaugh

”PitchBook gives us more complete private company data and is more efficiently organized, all with better accuracy.”

—Chris Cavanaugh, Vice President, Spurrier Capital Partners

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