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How to create a target list of promising investments with PitchBook

Learn how to find promising companies to invest in or acquire based on the criteria that matters most to you or your client.

There are millions of public and private companies tracked on PitchBook. Having up-to-date and accurate data on their pre- and post-money valuations, industry, total capital raised, revenue figures and other non-financial metrics will help you build a list of promising opportunities you can use to maintain your investment pipeline.

PitchBook allows you to quickly create a list of investment or acquisition targets based on these attributes and more. This means you could identify all the mobility tech companies in California with Series B funding, for example, or list all the PE-backed fintech companies in Europe that are nearing the end of their holding period.

Here’s how it works.

Creating a target list of promising investments

1 Conduct a companies & deals search
This search option will set up the following advanced search fields for you to select from.


2 Filter by industries & keywords
Click the “Industry or Vertical” dropdown to see how companies are categorized. You can also type in keywords that will pull companies into the search results based on their business description.
3 Search by location
Check “Search HQ Only” to target the main office and eliminate satellite branches. By selecting “Any office location,” you can see the branches of a company that’s headquartered in another region.

PitchBook Deal Source

Filtering by company status, deal type and other criteria


You can filter your search further by backing, business and ownership status as well. And whether it’s pre-seed or Series D funding, leveraged buyouts or bankruptcies, you can also easily choose the type of transaction that your target companies were involved in.


Deal date and deal size are common fields used in conjunction with deal type. You can also refine your list by pre- and post-money valuation amounts, total capital raised, deal status and more.

Want to learn more about how you can find the right deals more efficiently with PitchBook? Download our Deal Sourcing Guide, which provides step-by-step instructions on how you can use detailed financial data to inform your investment strategy, find companies in your target sector that are primed for funding or acquisition and accurately gauge a company’s growth—faster.