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Make a common task more efficient with PitchBook Comparisons

You can now compare companies in an easy to edit, share and present format with a new Comparisons section on profiles.


PitchBook users frequently need to compare similar companies to see how they stack up. You can find all the comprehensive data points you need in PitchBook, but still need to compile the analysis. Now, with our new Comparisons feature, you can instantly compare data points side-by-side, plus easily edit our recommended comps, share your analysis and download a presentation-ready visualization.

Easily edit companies and data points

You can add or remove companies from Comparisons and choose the data points you want to see. Changes to a company’s comparison will be auto-saved and remain on that profile even after you’ve moved on.


Share or download presentation ready visuals

Export your Comparisons into Excel or PNG files for a format that’s ready to include in your formal analysis. We’ve also incorporated sharing with other users so you can easily collaborate with your team.


To keep up to date with the latest changes, you can see our full product release blog here.