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PitchBook helps figg connect with venture capital firms through better market data

PitchBook helps figg, a digital banking app, secure VC funding through better market intelligence and enter negotiations better prepared

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Founded in 2021, figg is a digital private banking platform that supports users with analytics, generative AI, and personalized wealth management services. It aggregates data from users’ financial apps and accounts into a centralized interface capable of tracking several asset types.

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Sahba Hadipour
Founder and CEO,



CHF 3.75M

Total raised to date

Securing funding in a competitive market

As a company at the intersection of multiple emerging competitive markets, figg needs access to the most up-to-date and reliable market intelligence to inform how they navigate their space. To secure funding in their early stages, they not only need to be on the lookout for potential investors, but also competitors and even possible partners that might enhance or differentiate their product offering.

After investors are identified, the team at figg still needs to connect with them to ensure they are a good fit—and to make the case for why they should receive funding. To achieve this, they need to come prepared with data on an investor’s recent activity, identify the underlying patterns and insights therein, and tie them back to figg’s value proposition and plans for future growth.

I researched an investor on PitchBook prior to a call with them. During the call I was able to reference their recent investments and how they complement figg’s strategy. It really resonated well with this particular investor.”

Sahba Hadipour, Founder and CEO

Maximizing market intel and efficiency

After researching multiple data providers, figg founder and CEO Sahba Hadipour and team now rely on the PitchBook Platform to help them gather intelligence in preparation for discussions with investors—which have become increasingly frequent as the company approaches its platform launch. PitchBook data has not only allowed figg to come better equipped to these negotiations, but also greatly cut down time spent doing market research, allowing them to meet with more investors.

The team at figg also uses PitchBook to stay on top of larger-scale developments, such as the state of the European fintech market, general VC trends, and fundamental research. With VCs becoming more concerned with liquidity, companies like figg must come even better prepared and frame their fundraising pitches to potential investors.

As the founder and CEO, it’s my responsibility to set the strategy of the company for the next 12 months and beyond. PitchBook gives me a very good glimpse into the future, as well as insight into existing challenges to develop my long-term strategy.”

Sahba Hadipour, Founder and CEO

Tech stack optimization with PitchBook

As a PitchBook client of over two years, figg has integrated the platform into much of their daily workflow and are well on their way to achieving their funding goal. The team has successfully paired platform capabilities with Morningstar data, multiple layers of AI—including ChatGPT—and proprietary plugins to create a synergistic solution that achieves their desired results.

Figg has also found a great deal of value in PitchBook’s diverse suite of products and features, which each appeal to specific team members and their unique use cases. For example, Hadipour makes great use of the PitchBook Mobile app and Chrome extension to reference company or investor information in real time and quickly conduct comparisons without a complete platform search. Meanwhile, figg CFO Alberto Furger uses PitchBook’s Excel plugin to work directly with platform data and use it to run projections that update in time with the platform.

It would take me at least ten times the amount of time that I have with one tenth of the intelligence that I have today.
I can’t imagine my life without PitchBook.”

Sahba Hadipour, Founder and CEO

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