Garrett James Black

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Garrett James Black is a senior analyst at PitchBook. A Seattle-area native, he attended the University of Washington, where he obtained a B.A. in biochemistry and economics, along with a certificate in computational finance. He primarily works on PitchBook's reports, covering venture capital, select sectors and more, but on occasion delves into data-driven posts or offbeat musings on topics that are only tenuously connected to private investment markets.

In his spare time, he dabbles in plenty of things including advancing to mediocre programmer status, but music is a key focus, ranging from singing to playing piano or guitar. Unfortunately for his colleagues, he also absentmindedly sings snatches of songs out loud in the office before being reminded that noise, however melodious, isn't necessarily contributing positively to the work environment.

Disclaimer: All opinions, statements, endorsements and activity in general on Twitter are exclusively his own and in no way affiliated with PitchBook.

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