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PitchBook Benchmarks (as of 2Q 2017)


PitchBook Benchmarks (as of 2Q 2017)

March 15, 2018

PitchBook Benchmarks leverage a differentiated data collection process that results in one of the most robust fund performance datasets in the market. Further, we're able to provide visibility into the underlying funds and metrics used to construct each benchmark. Every edition includes a range of performance statistics across PE, VC, debt, real assets, fund-of-funds and secondaries strategies. In this edition, we feature a special section that examines how cashflow profiles of PE and VC funds have evolved over recent years.

Key Highlights:
  • Recent vintage VC funds are calling down more than 70% of their capital by the third year of investment. 
  • Despite exit timelines lengthening, recent VC vintages are actually distributing capital back to LPs at a much faster pace than older vintages. 
  • It now takes the average PE fund a staggering nine years to make investors whole and achieve a DPI of 1.0x.