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VC Valuations & Trends Report

2015 Annual

VC Valuations & Trends Report

March 22, 2016

VC Valuations & Trends Report
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How have venture valuations shifted in response to the downturn in activity? PitchBook's 2015 Annual VC Valuations & Trends Report examines multiple datasets of U.S. venture valuations in order to assess both the historic, recent ramp-up in the industry as well as the effects of the recent shift downward in activity. Analyzing valuations by a variety of metrics, including step-ups, changes between financing rounds and more, the report also breaks down venture valuations by series and respective, select sectors. 

Report Highlights Include: 

  • Corporate, hedge and mutual fund activity and its effects
  • Datasets on shifts between rounds, by size and time
  • Valuations by seed, Series A, B, C and D+ stages
  • Analysis of valuations in sectors ranging from commercial services to healthcare