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PE & VC Exits

2016 Annual

PE & VC Exits

February 22, 2017

For the first time ever, PitchBook has combined multiple datasets on both private equity and venture capital exit activity into one data-centric publication, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of private investment liquidity trends. Covering exits of companies based in both North America and Europe, the 2016 Annual PE & VC Exits delves into exit flow, sales by type and size, sector analysis and more, emphasizing a data-driven approach that leans more heavily on multiple cuts and keeps analysis short and to the point. Sponsored by Deloitte, with insight from their Emerging Growth Company Practice on best practices in IPO readiness, the publication provides a concise overview on everything you need to know about PE and VC liquidity.

Highlights include

  • Between 2014 and 2016, PE firms sold off just over $1.7 trillion in total holdings' value
  • Initial public offerings were few and far between throughout the year, with both PE and VC backers seeing significant declines in volume. 
  • For PE firms, median EBITDA/valuation multiples stayed quite high, with corporate acquirers paying their highest transaction multiples of the past seven years
  • Corporate acquisitions of VC-backed portfolio companies hit a new high in median deal size: $56.3 million