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M&A Report


M&A Report

January 26, 2017

M&A Report
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When all is said and done, 2016 will go down as one of the most expensive years for M&A. Strategic acquirers spent $1.7 trillion during the year, and PE buyers, for their part, covered the balance of the more than $2.1 trillion spent on M&A. That figure will likely even surpass last year's high, despite completed transaction volume taking a significant hit during the year. What caused the dramatic rise in deal size?

The 2016 Annual M&A Report dives into M&A datasets covering North America and Europe that include more than 100,000 completed deals since 2010. The report also spotlights sectors such as B2C, IT and Healthcare, as well as taking a look at the part of M&A played by private equity. 

Report highlights:

  • M&A deal value reaches high amid drop in transaction volume
  • Mega-deals bring forth several of the largest deals we have ever seen
  • Equity contributions remain high
  • Valuation-to-EBITDA ratios at highest point since financial crisis

*Note: League tables were removed from the report in order to expand coverage and provide full year-end tables within the 2016 Annual League Tables next week.