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VC Unicorn Report


VC Unicorn Report

September 16, 2016

VC Unicorn Report
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What will happen to the current herd of venture-backed unicorns? As detailed in PitchBook's 2016 VC Unicorn Report, the pace of unicorn formation has distinctly slowed in 2016, with only 11 new unicorns minted as of the end of August. Given the slow progression of the reset in the venture industry, the exuberant boom in investor optimism and flow of dollars from nontraditional VCs was bound to dim eventually. This of course generates the question of whether there will subsequently be a sputtering slew of unicorn IPOs, or, perhaps, a surge in massive tech M&A. Of course, some unicorns may elect to stay private for some time longer, as their businesses may not be ready or necessarily deemed a good fit for the public markets. In the VC Unicorn Report, extensively detailed terms data on recent unicorn financings, plus key statistics such as VC raised, employee counts and more are laid out for perusal as you ruminate upon what exactly the fate of unicorns shall be.

Report Highlights Include: 

  • Select statistics on current unicorns
  • Richly detailed terms data on recent unicorn financings
  • League tables of the investors with the most unicorns in their portfolios
  • Breakdowns of unicorns by sector and series at which they garnered unicorn status


Note: The PDF file that is available for download was updated on 1/11/2017 after an error in the aggregate post-valuations of all unicorns as of the end of August 2016 was discovered. That error has subsequently been corrected.