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PitchBook PE & VC Fundraising Report

2017 Annual

PitchBook PE & VC Fundraising Report

March 1, 2018

PitchBook PE & VC Fundraising Report
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PitchBook's 2017 Annual PE & VC Fundraising Report analyzes the exceptional success PE firms had last year on the fundraising trail, raising more capital than in any other full year since 2007. Not only was a massive amount of capital raked in, but general partners also had an easier time closing commitments. The median time to close dropped to just 11.2 months, while over three-quarters of PE funds were larger than their predecessors. Venture firms were no slouches either, raking in over $40 billion in commitments in the fourth consecutive year to eclipse that amount. In this report, our analysts delve into the drivers of such success, exploring datasets ranging from fundraising by size to fund size metrics.

Report Highlights Include:

  • Analysis of why 74% of follow-on funds were larger than the prior fund
  • More than six PE firms closed funds of $10B or more in 2017
  • Using the rolling three-year average of fund contribution data, current dry powder could sustain 4.2 and 3.8 years investment for PE & VC, respectively

Note: On March 5, 2018, this report was updated as previously the dates reported for capital overhang for both PE and VC were erroneous; they should have stated they were as of June 30, 2017.