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Unicorn Report


Unicorn Report

August 24, 2017

The unicorn frenzy has slackened in the US when compared to 2014 and 2015, but still more billion-dollar companies are being created than are turning that valuation into cash. While several of these companies have completed successful exits this year, more value is locked in these unicorn companies than ever before.

The 2017 Unicorn Report slices through data surrounding these billion-dollar companies, analyzing the trends around this small segment of the industry, and finding out what influences there are on investment. Included in the report are detailed tables full of terms and protections of these unicorn companies.

Report Highlights:

  • While accounting for less than 1% of completed deals in 2017, unicorn financings represent roughly 21% of deal value
  • After eight unicorn exits this year, 120 US companies remain with the distinction
  • More than $156 billion has been created in unicorn valuations this year