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Unicorn Report


Unicorn Report

August 9, 2019

Unicorn Report
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The unicorn phenomenon is now a key, stable trend across the venture landscape. In many ways, it defines this era of venture capital, especially against the broader context of alternative investments. As private equity and VC have grown more popular, each market has consequently grown significantly, helping blur the lines between public and private markets as private companies reached scales rarely seen before due to the profundity of available capital. The natural result has been a steadily growing herd of unicorns, which have now amassed over $600 billion in aggregate private value.

The latest edition of the PitchBook Unicorn Report examines the cohort of unicorns as of midyear 2019, detailing the investment trends fueling ongoing unicorn creation as well as the record exit values already notched this year. In addition, co-sponsor Plug & Play Tech Center contributes a detailed Q&A discussing how the broader venture landscape as evolved in the age of unicorns.

Note: The report was updated on August 12, 2019 due to an erroneous unicorn exit count in 2018.