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US Venture Capital Outlook: H1 Follow-Up


US Venture Capital Outlook: H1 Follow-Up

August 2, 2022

Revisiting our 2022 US VC predictions

At the start of the year, PitchBook analysts mapped their projections for the US venture capital market in 2022. Halfway through the year, trends are beginning to crystallize, and our latest analyst note updates the scorecard.

Key takeaways

  • Roughly 1,173 corporate venture capitalists have made a deal in the US, which bodes well for our prediction of more than 1,500 for the year.
  • The 10 most active venture ecosystems are on pace to hit our projection of more than 400 deals each.
  • Macroeconomic forces have undercut our forecast of a YoY increase in public listings by VC-backed companies.

Table of contents
Introduction 2
Biotech SPAC combinations will continue to grow in count in 2022. 4
At least three VC firms will register as registered investment advisors. 4
More than 1,500 corporate investors will make a deal in the US during 2022. 5
Each of the top 10 venture ecosystems will see more than 400 completed deals in 2022. 6
US investors will make more investments outside the US than ever before. 7
Public listings of VC-backed businesses will show a YoY increase in count in 2022. 7
At least 25% of all 2020 SPACs will not execute a deal prior to the traditional two-year deadline. 8
Scorecard 9