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VC Liquidity Report?uq=2zON1W4M

2H 2015

VC Liquidity Report

September 3, 2015

VC Liquidity Report?uq=2zON1W4M
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PitchBook has released its 2H 2015 VC Liquidity Report, which offers insight into the most recent trends in U.S. venture capital exit activity. The data is broken down by several metrics, including exits by type, sector, exit valuations and overall exit activity by quarter and year. Powered by the PitchBook Platform, this report offers data-driven analysis of U.S. VC exit activity in 1H 2015, as well as over the last decade.

Report Highlights Include: 

  • VC exit activity by quarter and year
  • Median exit valuations and exit sizes
  • Time between first and last rounds
  • Cumulative VC funding prior to exit