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Private Market PlayBook

3Q 2018

Private Market PlayBook

September 12, 2018

Private Market PlayBook
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The PitchBook Private Market PlayBook is a quarterly magazine that delivers up-to-date analysis of private markets, with special features of topics relevant to the patterns and trends visible across the asset classes. The 3Q edition focuses on how private markets are reshaping the urban landscape.

3Q 2018 highlights:

The feature

  • Smarter cities: How private markets are reshaping the urban landscape


  • The future of urban mobility has two wheels (or so VCs think)
  • Barbarians repairing the gates? Why infrastructure is primed for more PE investment
  • Cultivation in the skies: How vertical farming is aiming to eliminate food deserts from the urban landscape
  • Looking past clichéd headlines and rethinking real estate investment strategies

Market trends

  • US venture capital & private equity
  • European venture capital & private equity
  • Global M&A

Note: The Global M&A section was updated on September 21, 2018 to account for a previous error in underlying methodology.

Analyst insights

  • Uber's positioning in the race to autonomy
  • Performance persistence
  • Blockchain market map
  • Restaurant tech market map