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PitchBook Benchmarks (as of 1Q 2017)


PitchBook Benchmarks (as of 1Q 2017)

December 14, 2017

PitchBook Benchmarks (as of 1Q 2017)
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PitchBook has unveiled its debut standalone performance measurement product, PitchBook Benchmarks. Leveraging a differentiated data collection process, PitchBook Benchmarks are able to provide unprecedented transparency into the underlying funds and performance metrics used to construct each of the benchmarks we publish. This enhanced level of granularity helps limited partners (LPs) make more informed asset allocation decisions, while general partners (GPs) can leverage our benchmarks to gauge and report the relative performance of their past and active funds. Further, PitchBook Benchmarks will be available in both PDF and XLS formats, enabling users to reconstruct or export our data to better suit their custom benchmarking needs.


  • Capital- and equal-weighted pooled horizon IRRs across multiple strategies and vintages 
  • PE & VC vintage IRRs across a range of fund sizes
  • Cash multiples across strategies and vintage years
  • KS-PMEs across multiple strategies, utilizing the S&P 500, Russell 3000 and various other indices