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Private Market PlayBook

4Q 2018

Private Market PlayBook

December 3, 2018

Private Market PlayBook
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The PitchBook Private Market PlayBook is a quarterly magazine that delivers up-to-date analysis of private markets, with special features of topics relevant to the patterns and trends visible across the asset classes.

The feature

Q&A: Alex Darden
The president of EQT Partners Inc. and head of US infrastructure on the state of PE, a differentiated business model and the future of infrastructure in North America


  • Inside the crypto currency comedy club
  • How a private equity powerhouse went bust
  • How you could invest in every single private fund strategy

Market trends

  • US venture capital & private equity
  • European venture capital & private equity
  • North American and European M&A

Analyst insights

  • How GP stakes investing is becoming less rare: Exploring trends in the newest investment strategy
  • Taking a fresh look at club deals: The evolution of multi-sponsor buyouts
  • Additive dealmaking: How add-ons affect fund performance
  • Chasing the bull: Have PE and VC managers kept pace with the decade-long equity rally?

This edition of PitchBook Private Market PlayBook was sponsored by Twin Brook Capital Partners, Lincoln International, Deloitte, Silicon Valley Bank, Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN), Cooley, Piper Jaffray and Liberty Commercial Finance.