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Private Market Playbook

Q1 2020

Private Market Playbook

March 20, 2020

Private Market Playbook
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The world has changed dramatically since our latest edition of the quarterly Private Market PlayBook magazine went to press. However, the digital edition is ready, and the stories still carry plenty of significance, especially a prescient piece by Priyamvada Mathur about gearing up for gloomier times ahead.

The feature

Food fight
Meat and dairy giants are under attack from plant-based food startups. Now they're punching back.


  • Storm clouds: Some VCs are already bracing for the next economic downturn
  • Kitchen bots and pans: A SoftBank food startup's woes leave investors with a bitter taste
  • Beyond the pond: Why US VCs are heading to Europe
  • Six unicorn IPOs (and one non-IPO) that defined the 2010s in VC

Analyst insights

  • Serial entrepreneurs: Does lightning strike twice?
  • VC returns by series: Part II
  • What is a private capital fund worth?
  • Basics of cash flow management: Allocation construction

Market trends

  • US private equity
  • European private equity
  • US venture capital
  • European venture capital
  • North American M&A
  • European M&A

This edition of PitchBook's Private Market PlayBook was sponsored by SRS Acquiom Holdings, LLC, Insight2Profit, Monroe Capital, Abacus Finance, and Twin Brook Capital Partners. It features an infographic drawn from the Deloitte Road to Next series, produced in partnership with PitchBook.