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Emerging Tech Research: Mobility Tech

Q1 2021

Emerging Tech Research: Mobility Tech

May 7, 2021

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Why mobility tech startups continue to attract investor attention 

From tackling congestion to reducing carbon emissions, the mobility tech industry is increasingly being seen as one of the ways we can solve a host of societal problems. Venture investors are pouring billions of dollars into mobility tech startups that have been benefiting from the ongoing SPAC boom, and rising demand for low-cost and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Our new installment of Emerging Tech Research explores the major trends that shaped the mobility tech industry in Q1, including mounting optimism around air taxis and autonomous driving technology.

Key takeaways
  • Mobility tech venture funding set a record in Q1, with $23.4 billion invested in the vertical.
  • The SPAC phenomenon added upward pressure on valuations for early- and late-stage mobility startups and has accelerated funding timelines. 
  • Electric vehicle platforms need to rethink design processes in a way that prioritizes manufacturing cost and total cost of ownership.
  • Despite investor skepticism, micromobility providers are gaining traction in emerging markets such as India and Brazil.