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Emerging Tech Future Report: Generative AI

Q2 2023

Emerging Tech Future Report: Generative AI

May 1, 2023

How the new AI age will shape our tech 

A new dawn in tech has arrived: The generative AI craze has taken hold—and it’s showing no sign of letting up. What does this new epoch mean for investors and the companies into which they pour their capital? Our latest analyst note, the Emerging Tech Future Report: Generative AI, dives into how the new technology may transform a range of verticals. PitchBook analysts who cover health, ecommerce, fintech, climate tech, and more weigh in on the opportunities in generative AI.

Table of contents
Introduction: The dawn of AI-transformation 1
Mobility tech 3
Supply chain tech 4
E-commerce 5
Fintech 7
Healthcare IT 9
Digital health 11
Gaming 12
Agtech 14
Foodtech 16
Climate tech 18
Enterprise SaaS 20
AI & ML 22
Infosec 24
IoT 26
Crypto/Web3 28
Insurtech 30
Appendix 32