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Emerging Tech Research: Fintech

Q4 2020

Emerging Tech Research: Fintech

March 22, 2021

Emerging Tech Research: Fintech
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How fintech companies may seize the future of finance

Fintech companies raised $44.4 billion in venture funding in 2020, capping a decade of strong growth. Of all emerging technologies, fintech was one of the best-funded and fastest-growing sectors. Its rapid evolution was largely a technological response to shortcomings that were harshly illuminated during the financial crisis. Much of the world's financial services are still offered by a small group of legacy providers, creating a long-term opportunity for disruption.

Our latest Emerging Tech Research report explores major trends shaping the industry's future, including:
  • Fintech platforms and infrastructure products, such as Banking-as-a-Service, are lowering barriers to entry and enabling more specialization.
  • Incumbents are partnering with and investing in fintech startups to counter their disruptive threat, especially as fintech companies increasingly target corporate banking opportunities.
  • Fintech companies are stepping up their pursuit of banking licenses worldwide, as a new FDIC rule may smooth the way for those seeking federal bank charters in the US.