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64,339 advisors

15+ advisors types, including:

  • Auditors and accounting firms
  • Investment banks
  • Law firms
  • LP consultants
  • Placement agents
  • Recruiting firms
  • Transaction advisors
  • Valuation firms

Details you can discover

Get relevant, actionable information

See what service advisors provide—including serviced companies, deals, investors and funds—as well as office locations, preferred industries and primary contact information.

PitchBook advisor profile showing KPMG's firm information, including service breakdown and contact information.

Get details on deals and clients

See the deals an advisor has worked on, lead providers on deals, the companies, investors and other advisors they worked with, and the services they provided.

PitchBook advisor profile showing Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati's serviced companies list.

Evaluate expertise

Find out which industries, geographic regions and deal types an advisor has experience with.

PitchBook advisor profile showing William Blair & Co's services to companies, investors and limited partners.

See the team and lead partners

Better understand who is on the team with details about their past deals, funds and board seats. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

PitchBook advisor profile showing Wells Fargo Advisors' current team and board members.

Understand affiliates

Gain insight into an advisor’s subsidiaries and other related entities by industry and location. Click or hover over an entity to get even more information about it.

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