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Uncover insights at every step of the allocation process and bring comprehensive data and industry-leading analysis into your workflow. Plus, performance and operational hedge fund data alongside public and private financial information allows you to effectively understand a fund’s strategy and performance—all in a single location.

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Gain an understanding of the entire private market landscape

Deepen your understanding of the private markets by accessing fund information, including fund details, mandates, open funds, dry powder, cash flows, performance and terms and fees.

Drill into hedge funds’ performance and risk metrics and identify which funds have generated consistent returns with timely, transparent benchmarks.

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Bring data into your allocation strategy

Determine the right entry points for your investments and discover opportunities for direct and co-investments.

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Quickly source and vet top performing fund managers

Quickly screen, evaluate and identify fund managers and explore their investment preferences by geography, deal type, deal size and industry to find the right manager for your strategy.

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Power your portfolio construction with data-driven cash flow models

PitchBook’s Portfolio Forecasting tool helps you accurately project cash flows and generate scenario-based models using algorithms developed from thousands of private market funds. Easily upload your portfolio and get the information that you need to achieve your allocation targets.
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“To me, a big win is getting good, reliable data with ease. If I’m looking into a potential investment, PitchBook gives me the information and confidence I need to make a smart decision. Similarly, identifying the right investors for our funds, and making sure we can be a fit for them is a big win.”

—Andy Areitio, General Partner, TheVentureCity

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