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Map the market to inform your strategy

Map the market to inform your strategy

Follow all financing and exit activity to discover fast-growing companies to target, emerging industries to enter and new competitors to watch.

Track companies and trends—from valuations to deal sizes—in your space, adapt your strategy to changes in the market and see if it's smarter to buy, build or partner.

Find and evaluate better opportunities

Find and evaluate better opportunities

Search for companies that match your preferences (like industry, growth stage, revenue and other financial metrics) to zero in on promising opportunities.

Get notified when a company hits certain milestones.

See which companies are in venture capital and private equity portfolios (VC and PE firms are experts at identifying the best opportunities).

Determine if investing in or acquiring a company makes strategic sense for your business with data like valuations, financing history, financials, investors and executives.

Execute deals more effectively

Execute deals more effectively

Use precedent transaction data like valuations, purchase price multiples and deal sizes to build more accurate comps and price deals with precision.

Better negotiate with insight into a company‘s capital structure and series terms.

Stop scrubbing data in Excel—we identify different types of funding rounds and financing for you.

Export information to Excel, or access data directly from your spreadsheets.

Track your competition

Track your competition

Search for competitors based on industry and stage, and get alerted when new companies meet these criteria.

Dive into your competitors‘ previous investments and acquisitions to better understand where they‘re going next and inform your own strategy.

See the most active investors in your industry—including strategic acquirers, VC and PE firms, angels, accelerators and incubators—to determine who you may be going up against in future deals.

Build stronger partnerships

Build stronger partnerships

Leverage comprehensive data on VC and PE funds to see which financial sponsors are making the most successful investments in your industry.

Connect with investors about exiting their portfolio companies, or co-invest in a promising opportunity.

Find companies that align with your brand or target audience to form strategic partnerships.

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