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How will the 2020 election affect private markets?

Note: This session was part of our 2020 PitchBook Capital Perspectives virtual conference.

In this webinar, PitchBook was joined by industry experts to discuss how the 2020 US presidential election could impact VC, PE and M&A. In recent years, the industry has shown more interest in Washington. This year alone, venture capital contributed about $70 million to political candidates, parties and super PACS, with private equity more than doubling that figure at $170 million. 

Our panelists gave their perspectives on why engagement is rising and how it might shape the next four years. Watch as they answer the following questions and more:
  • What was on the mind of VCs leading up to the election?
  • What would success look like for PE and VC given the structural and procedural issues around government?
  • What policies is the NVCA focusing on and looking to implement?
  • Where is ILPA focusing its work on policy pertaining to private equity?

Meet the panelists:

Chris Hayes headshot

Chris Hayes
Senior Policy Counsel

Bobby Franklin headshot

Bobby Franklin
President & CEO

Jeff Farrah headshot

Jeff Farrah
General Counsel

Nizar Tarhuni headshot

Nizar Tarhuni
Director of Research & Analysis

Watch the recording for the full discussion below


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