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Assessing hedge fund opportunities in PitchBook

We’ve built a robust hedge fund database complete with all the details that matter most. See how you can leverage PitchBook’s hedge fund dataset.

Hedge fund assets have seen significant growth in the last decade. Despite the market growth, hedge fund data can still be difficult to find and even when it’s available, it can be inconsistent making it challenging to accurately compare performance.

In collaboration with Morningstar, we’ve built a robust hedge fund database complete with all the details that matter most. Search through more than 10,000 hedge fund profiles, many with operational data such as inception dates and domiciles as well as breakdowns of strategy and sub-strategy by fund count or net asset value (NAV).

With access to a comprehensive hedge fund dataset, our clients are enabled to make more informed allocation decisions, benchmark more effectively and raise capital faster. Here’s a look at PitchBook’s hedge fund data and how easily it can be sorted and organized.

Access hedge fund performance data all in one place

Not only is digging through newsletters, brochures and emails for fund information extremely time-consuming, the result is fractured data that’s difficult to organize and make sense of. In PitchBook, you can quickly search for and view individual hedge fund profiles as well as an overview of the market as a whole. Hedge fund profiles can be viewed and filtered by strategy, sub-strategy, inception date, NAV, status, geographic focus and YTD returns (by month, quarter and year).

Sanlam Investments profile

Effectively compare hedge fund performance and returns

Consistent hedge fund data is critical for comparative analysis. GPs often self-report and inconsistencies between how different GPs report on funds makes it difficult to do a true comparison. These inefficiencies in the process combined with a lack of data insight can lead to improper allocations or missed opportunities. Because PitchBook tracks both private and public markets, both datasets can be leveraged in a single platform to compare performance and returns. Our customizable tables and charting features make it easier than ever to analyze fund performance.

As part of our collaboration with Morningstar on this dataset, we’ve leveraged their hedge fund data and definitions, which means you’ll be able to distinguish hedge funds from other fund types. Clarity into the data you’re viewing boosts confidence in your comparative analysis and most importantly, allocation decisions.

Sanlam Investments hedge fund historical returns

With hedge fund data in one place, you’ll eliminate time-consuming tasks and speed up the investment process—opening the door to better opportunities.

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