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Deal execution guide

Get our deal execution guide to learn how to build accurate comps, streamline your valuation workflow, and connect with buyers, investors and advisers.

The global capital markets continue to increase in value and opportunity. To compete, insight into the flow of capital across the entire public and private capital market landscape is required. It’s easy to see why—timely, accurate financial data can help substantiate claims, focus conversations and drive efficient deal execution. If your insights into the capital markets are better than your competitors’, you gain a distinct advantage.

In this guide, we look at how you can use PitchBook to quickly build more accurate comps, streamline your valuation workflow and connect with the right buyers and investors—so you can close the right deals faster.

What’s inside

Download PitchBook’s deal execution guide to dive deeper into:

  • Finding comparable private and public companies
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Researching precedent transactions
  • Researching capital invested by industry, vertical and deal type
  • Creating buyers and investors lists
  • Connecting with buyers and investors
  • Finding the right advisers and service providers

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