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Fairview Capital creates wins with quantitative data and deep due diligence made possible by PitchBook

Fairview’s success is built on qualitative and quantitative analysis and rigorous due diligence made possible by PitchBook.

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Fairview Capital was founded in 1994 to create strong returns for its clients through a fund-of-funds structure that aggregates and invests capital in venture capital and private equity partnerships. Areas of focus include tenured venture capital managers, diverse and emerging managers, and direct co-investments.

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Challenge: Identifying opportunities to win

For nearly 30 years, Fairview has taken a broad view of the people and trends moving markets. The experienced team drives success for clients by identifying the top performing funds, mitigating risks, and helping investors create wins through investments in:

  • Venture Capital: Fairview has longstanding relationships with tenured firms that are believed to have a successful history of consistently identifying and growing enterprising businesses and technology companies.
  • Diverse & Emerging Managers: While many investors and firms are responding to growing requests from limited partners to increase investments with diverse managers, this has been a core business of Fairview’s for decades. Fairview takes a deliberate and programmatic approach to targeting differentiated strategies with the potential for delivering strong returns.
  • Co-investments: Fairview’s long-standing alliances across private markets create opportunities to make direct co-investments in promising companies.

The segments of the market in which Fairview invests are often opaque and feature a high dispersion of returns. Key to Fairview’s success is investing with a prepared mind built on qualitative and quantitative analysis and rigorous due diligence. Fairview believes it has established a proven approach to research and built the industry’s leading database of diverse and emerging managers. PitchBook augments the advantage in market intelligence Fairview has built.

“As a firm, we’ve always believed that data leads to better decisions. Twelve years ago, when we started looking for a solution to support our research, we were immediately drawn to the robustness of PitchBook’s platform. It exceeded our expectations and continuously gets better.”

Aakar Vachhani, Partner

Solution: The importance of quantitative data in an opaque space

Aakar led a quantitative research team at a previous firm, before joining Fairview 15 years ago. That experience made him a champion for the value of quantitative data, and how it can be discovered and applied to an opaque space, like private markets. His experience played an important role in Fairview’s search for a tool to support their research, and their decision to adopt PitchBook in 2011.

PitchBook supports Fairview proprietary research and data, which forms confidence in the direction and decisions that guide the firm and its value to investors. The Fairview team uses PitchBook to augment its work to:

  • Identify trends and understand industries. As a Fund of Funds investor, Fairview’s commitment to investments is long-term. The firm focuses on macro trends and follows the fast-changing dynamics in targeted sectors like technology to seize opportunities to invest early.
  • Identify emerging opportunities. Fairview maintains an open-door policy with fund managers and has strong inbound deal flow. The firm pairs that with proactive sourcing through several channels, including actively researching prospects through PitchBook to be able to feel confident that they’re not missing any important opportunities.
  • Enhance deal activity. As Fairview ramped up its co-investment activity, having company-level data from PitchBook helped the firm proactively conduct due diligence and accelerate processes.

A few of Fairview’s favorite PitchBook features include:

research center

Research Center: Integrating trend and company-specific research into one hub supports that broad view that Fairview likes to have of key industries and opportunities. Having all of the powerful data and research from PitchBook, that leaders and analyst rely on, concentrated and categorized in one hub streamlines the process of researching new sectors and opportunities.

direct data feed

Direct Data Feed: With hundreds of new companies coming into the Fairview portfolio each quarter, the PitchBook Direct Data Feed, integrated into Fairview’s CRM, streamlines reporting out to limited partners. Needed data is automatically updated, easily accessible and can be paired with the firm’s own data.

“Over the 12 years we’ve been with PitchBook, the Research Center has grown a lot. The research reports provide valuable insights and we can rely on PitchBook to stay on top of industry trends and data.”

Aakar Vachhani, Partner

Results: Access and automation create huge time savings

In a world that’s moving deeper and deeper into automation, Fairview is a step ahead with PitchBook.

  • Better informed: With one of the largest databases in the industry, Fairview continuously seeks to maintain an advantage and drive efficiency across its platform. Over time, the firm has sought to move away from manual processes so that its finance and accounting team can focus on activities that drive insights and add value. Larger quantities of easily accessible, high-quality data is a major competitive advantage.
  • Saving time: Fairview has managed over $10B in assets across more than 30 funds, along with thousands of portfolio companies. The firm is continuously adding new portfolio companies every quarter and actively reports on this activity. PitchBook’s Direct Data Feed saves the team hundreds of hours every month.

“Being a trusted institutional investment platform for our partners is built on a reputation of constantly looking to innovate and lead in the quality and transparency of our reporting. PitchBook is one of the tools that makes it possible.”

Peter Ruchwa, CFO


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