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August 10, 2022 View comment (1)

As private markets continue to grow and converge with public markets, having access to differentiated intelligence backed by data is becoming more critical. The reason for this is simple: Timely, accurate financial data substantiates claims, focuses conversations and drives effective deal execution.

PitchBook helps GPs quickly identify and connect with the most promising prospects by providing up-to-date data on existing allocations, mandates and previous commitments on over 28,000 LPs.

This fundraising guide takes a closer look at how our platform helps you identify a specific peer group, present a benchmark that highlights the value of your firm’s strategy and prioritize which investors to pursue using insights on their mandates, allocations, commitments, preferences and more.

What's inside

Download PitchBook's fundraising guide and discover how to:

  • Differentiate your unique investment strategy from the competition
  • Identify institutional investors that are most likely to commit to your fund
  • Classify and compare fund performance beyond what traditional benchmarks allow
  • Assemble a shortlist of LPs by targeting regional branches, mandates and more
  • Leverage your target list to create a pitch that speaks to each prospect
  • Distinguish the type of industry or deal where the fund has been active
  • Create custom peer groups and compare fund returns

PitchBook customer testimonial

“PitchBook helps us identify and filter the best possible LPs for our fundraising efforts, Contact info, and Profile searches. The platform also provides a fast review of market conditions and competition plus potential comparables when executing research of potential deals.”

—Arturo Torres, Managing Partner, DraperCygnus

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