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Founded in 1946, Gerald Edelman is a London-based advisory and consulting firm serving middle market companies in the United Kingdom and abroad. By providing a wide range of specialised assurance, tax and advisory services, it’s a one-stop-shop for its clients’ strategic business needs.

The firm has aggressively grown its deal advisory offering since 2015, working with clients in advance of selling their companies to increase value, assisting management teams with their M&A strategies, helping with equity fundraisings and debt transactions, and providing due diligence support. To do this effectively, Gerald Edelman leverages PitchBook’s comprehensive capital market data to stay up to date on industry trends, source buyers, research companies and win new business.

Three ways Gerald Edelman uses PitchBook
  • To source buyers and investors for its clients’ companies
  • To perform detailed research and analysis
  • To stay on top of market trends and win new business 

“Market research is absolutely critical to what we do, so PitchBook adds a huge value to our business.”

– Nick Wallis

Sourcing buyers and investors for clients’ companies

Differentiated by its deep domain expertise and unique international corporate network, Gerald Edelman’s deal team helps find buyers and investors for its clients’ companies. To do this effectively, it uses two main channels: its own contacts and PitchBook’s granular data on more than 1.9 million private companies and 283,000-plus investors worldwide.

According to Nick Wallis, a Partner in Gerald Edelman’s Deal Advisory group, market research is essential to what his team does. “If we don’t find buyers and investors for our clients, we don’t make money,” he points out. “And PitchBook is fantastic at enabling us to do that.”

Using the platform’s Investors & Buyers search function, Wallis and his team quickly build targeted lists of strategic acquirers and financial sponsors based on their previous investments, acquisitions, available dry powder, fund performance or investment preferences. With insight into those details, they’re able to find the most promising acquirers and investors for each of their clients.

By using the contact information for key executives available through PitchBook, Wallis and his team can also reach out immediately to connect.

“If we find buyers and investors for our clients, we make money—and PitchBook is fantastic at enabling us to do that.”

–Nick Wallis

Performing research and analysis 

Gerald Edelman’s deal advisory team works exclusively with clients it believes will successfully complete a deal.

According to Wallis, “By being selective about the clients we take on, we automatically put ourselves in a good position to bring better value to them.” The strategy has proved effective. In one instance, the team helped sell a client’s business for close to four times more than its valuation at the start of negotiations.

To be successful, the strategy requires researching and analysing not only the firm’s target buyers and investors, but also its prospective clients.

“We make sure our clients are properly prepared,” Wallis says. “And we also make sure their growth opportunities are presented the right way, so that when we take a business to market, we can present the future growth potential in a more credible way—and PitchBook helps us do that more effectively.”

Before meeting with prospective buyers, investors or clients, Wallis and his team use PitchBook to evaluate their financing histories, series terms, cap tables, revenue figures, executives, investors and more. Then, by using the platform to quickly reference similar companies’ and investors’ financial data, they get a better idea of each one’s growth and trajectory—long before a conversation even begins. 

Staying on top of market trends and winning new business

Most of Gerald Edelman’s deal advisory work doesn’t come from repeat customers. The reason for this is simple, Wallis says: “Once you’ve helped someone sell their business, they are unlikely to have another one to sell.”

This means the firm relies on referrals and a robust content marketing program to win new business.

“We write a lot of content to make sure our existing clients stay informed on what’s occurring in their market and to engage with new prospects,” Wallis says. “And PitchBook plays a significant role in our ability to do that—especially on the research side of things. When we write industry updates, for example, most of that research comes from PitchBook.”

That’s why after recently partnering with another firm in Liverpool and further expanding its footprint in London and abroad, Gerald Edelman chooses to continue leveraging PitchBook to help drive its success. 

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